Jack Cohen

Co-President and Chief Innovation Officer

Mr. Cohen has 39 years of experience as a leader, manager, originator and administrator across a diverse portfolio of career initiatives, though mostly in commercial real estate. Mr. Cohen is a non-executive Vice-Chairman at 3650 REIT, and a board member at: CRESimple, Hillcrest, Brokers & Engineers, Ascot, Forum Real Estate Group, and Academic Approach. Mr. Cohen began his career with Cohen Financial in 1981 as a loan originator before taking the lead of the firm as CEO, a title he held for twenty-five years. Mr. Cohen recapitalized the firm six times between 1998 and 2013.

Mr. Cohen has held several Professional Affiliations, including Association President of Chartered Realty Investor and Commercial Real Estate Finance Council (“CREFC”), Commercial Real Estate Finance/Multifamily Board of Governors (“COMBOG”) and has sat on the big board at Mortgage Bankers Association (“MBA”). Mr. Cohen holds several honors and awards including the CREFC Founder’s Award and the Mortgage Banker’s Association COMBOG Award. Mr. Cohen, personally, is a pilot, and maintains an Airline Transport Pilot License and a Single Pilot Type Rating for a very Light Jet. Mr. Cohen is also a second-degree black belt in Tomiki styled Aikido, a NAUI certified Scuba Diver, an active Crossfitter, as well as a rock climber.