Investment Residential

Investment Residential

Financing for investment single family rental properties (1-4 units) where repayment is supported by DSCR from rental operations. We offer pooled portfolio loans and single asset loans.

Investment Residential

We offer loans on single-family residential rental properties with long-term leases where repayment is to be supported by cash flow from rental operations. Our investment residential financing focuses on existing, stabilized, non-owner occupied 1-4 unit residences, either as single-assets or pooled portfolios within the same area.

Stronghill Capital Lending Parameters

Loan Size $500,000 – $5,000,000 (Min Loan Per Property $150k if Portfolio)
LTV Max / DSCR Min 65% (70% Case by Case) / 1.20x
Debt Yield Minimum 9.0%
Rate Considerations Dependent on LTV, Debt Yield, DSCR, and Borrower Experience. Contact Us for a Quote.
Term 5, 7, or 10 Years. Extensions negotiable.
Amortization 25 or 30 years
Property Types Rental 1-4 Unit Single Family Residences (No Owner or Owner-Related Occupants)
Prepayment Premiums Locked at half term, opens at 3-5 pts declining.
Recourse Full
Minimum Credit Score 620
Deposits and Fees Variable. Contact us for details.
Loan Reserves 4 to 12 months PITI reserves required, case by case.
Borrower Experience Required


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